At NOTA BENE events, we offer business and leisure travelers the opportunity to be worry-free from all the logistics of travel management.

We offer special assistance, exceptional accommodation, and top-level transportation.

We focus on assuring that your travel management is efficient, stylish, different, comfortable, and safe.


For authentic travelers, we introduce you to the best guides, concierges, drivers, and pilots from anywhere in Italy, all fluent in your language with deep knowledge of the city and its culture.

Be our guests to experience the city avoiding the ordinary way. Doors of exclusive museums and private palaces will be opened just for you!



Bleisure is the perfect combination of business + leisure. This mixture is ideal for business travelers seeking to refresh, relax, and renew while attending a fair, convention, meeting, or conference. We provide activities ranging from half-day excursions to several days abroad.

Gastronomy tastings, dinner reservations, or relaxing city tours are just a few ideas. Additionally, to tailor your needs we manage transportation, assist for baggage and material pick-up, and deliver your request right to your door.

At NOTA BENE, our mission is to design striking and exclusive experience for you.We strive for perfection in professional and personalized management service. Our goal is to leave you with a satisfied smile.

Looking for some inspiration?


Experience Italy in a unique way, our tailor-made services will leave you breathless. Put your hands on the wheels and drive the Italian luxury car of your dreams. We can make it come true.